8 de abril de 2013

Things I write when I'm drunk

It's like something we need
The routine gets so boring that
we need to get out
Get out of the monotomy
And get fucked up
Like it's something that feels good
Is just an escape
It's just us, constantly trying to run away
The far we can, the best we feel
Because "the same" it's dangerous
It feels like something that will mess with our sanity
It'll mess with our gut, and drown us down
And we're trying to run from it
Getting drunk or high.
Somehow that sounds perfect
Right, like fucking our head will
make us stable
The balance between the life and the death
It's iloggical
But it makes sense
To us.
And that's what we do,
injure ourselves to escape from the worse
Do the bad to run from the worst.
And after all, we end up asking
ourselves, the meaning of all this
The sense of this
the conection between this and that
But it just don't
And despite that, we carry on
Because we're satisfied,
and we don't give a fuck
We wait untill the next time
And repeat the same thing
Somehow that's a relief.
Wasting our energies to avoid the reality
It feels so easy
and fun
It's a dark way to look at the thing
But that's the way it is, darling
Die and loose, win and carry on with more shit
The shit acumulates and it becames a big mountain
of crap, like a snowball, someday we know it will
kill us off...
What we gonna do?
That's just the way it is.
I'm done.
Maybe someday i'll get the answer.
To... why? Why all of this.
Maybe I simply don't care.
I just hope that if that day comes,
I have the a rest of life to live like
I understand, to don't just waste myself
Assing around.

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